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Tranzsoft SecureTranz - The Secure File Transfer Application

What does it do?
SecureTranz has been developed as a secure mechanism to automate the transfer of files from one company to another across either a secure or insecure connection.

How does it work?
SecureTranz is based on the very simple and well-understood process of copying a file from one location to another. Within an organisation this is relatively simple to implement but the complexity increases exponentially when attempting to do this intra-company. Security, authentication, encryption, resilience, scalability and dependability all become an issue.

SecureTranz still uses a simple directory structure but takes care of all the other complexity within a small footprint application running in the background on a Java enabled machine.

SecureTranz is configured, during installation; to periodically check for files in a directory (/OUT), securely transfer them to the destination directory (/IN) at the remote site and report on this processing.

How does it benefit the user?

  • Complexity is vastly reduced, as SecureTranz is a single product performing all of the necessary functions, including directory polling, authentication, transfer and logging.
  • Minimal implementation and maintenance requirements.
  • Enhance the functionality of almost any ERP or bespoke application requiring the movement of information. 
  • Reduction in complexity with multiple authentication options.

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