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Corporate Procurement System

Tranzsoft has a strategic partnership with eProcurement specialists Unimarket to deliver their collaborative procurement system. The system can also be deployed as a corporate procurements system integrated with existing financial systems.

What does it do?
Collaborative procurement essentially represents the presentation of a single online shopping portal where a range of suppliers offer products, services or contracts to single or multiple customers. Customers view this collaboration through an easy to use and familiar style of online shop front, not unlike Amazon.

How does it work?
Collaborative Procurement is a SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted solution utilising Web 2.0 technology.

Tranzsoft's technology enables all data supplied by participating suppliers to be translated into a common format. A single interface is applied over the data to present it in a standardised and easy to use format – making it simple for users to buy directly from or enquire about.

Products etc can be searched for, earmarked, put into shopping baskets, wish lists saved, and final orders processed electronically. All the time underlying rules ensure that the customer only has access to products from authorised suppliers, and are buying at their own price breaks where applicable. Bulk buying can also be utilised where multiple customers collaboratively purchase the same products or services to receive even higher price discounts.

Automated and preset rules and controls within the portal remove the ability for random and uncontrolled procurement.

How do users benefit?

  • Low cost start up with no infrastructure or capital investment required
  • No software licenses or maintenance agreements
  • Significantly reduce costs by streamlining procedures
  • Easy to use online paperless solution, no downtime to learn the solution
  • Resource saving with elimination of master data maintenance
  • Time saving with electronic submission of orders to suppliers
  • Improve systems with requisition workflow and ordering
  • Eliminate time spent manually matching invoices
  • Reduce spending by enabling a structured and consistent procurement process
  • Increase contract compliance and achieve visibility of spend
  • Enable purchasing protocols so purchasers comply with internal process and controls, and  rogue purchasers are constrained
  • Cost benefits from purchasing as a group
  • Suppliers nominate which customers can see which contracts, products, services and price lists
  • Customers decide which suppliers are eligible to sell to which buyers
  • Multiple products can be loaded into aggregated volumetric price breaks
  • Suppliers can start generating valuable sales immediately with Quick start – taking just minutes to set up an eStore and load catalogues

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