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LOCUS Warehouse Management System – Track & Trace Consignment Stock & Loan Equipment

What does it do?
LOCUS has been specially developed to meet the needs of the health sector.

It combines the functionality of a web based inventory management system integrated with medical procedures for tracking and managing consignment stock and loan sets owned by suppliers in the care of hospitals.

How does it do it?
LOCUS is based on a Warehouse Management System (WMS) which is widely regarded as the industry standard. Based on Microsoft SQL Server, LOCUS utilises IIS to provide access to real-time WMS.

LOCUS is simple to use and deploy using Microsoft's "one-click-deployment" function to allow new users to come onboard and be kept updated with the latest version.

Hospitals and suppliers can interface their respective systems into LOCUS to eliminate double keying of transactions. Or alternatively where the volume of transactions does not warrant interfacing hospitals and suppliers can use the web client.

How do users benefit?

  • No capital investment plus a quantifiable ROI with the LOCUS SaaS (Software as a Service) model
  • Share the service and share the cost - no need for investment in developing and maintaining individual solutions
  • Achieve a single unified standard across all users
  • No disruption to current systems with easy and quick implementation
  • No need to update existing systems as both recent and legacy systems are supported
  • Excellent supply chain management tool for both suppliers and hospitals for expensive surgical items.
  • Full traceability as items can be tracked by serial number, batch number or lot number with links to requisitions, receipts and purchase orders
  • Gain full visibility of stock, its allocation to specific procedures, and expected replacement items
  • Achieve more efficient stock taking by either the Hospital or Supplier at the end of a procedure with hand held data capture devices (scanners, PDAs)
  • Automatic updates of inventory and requisition process
  • Full visibility of Hospital consignment stock and loan sets across all suppliers
  • Full visibility of Supplier items they own on loan at each hospital
  • Rules can automatically generate replenishment requisitions to suppliers as items are used
  • Reduced administration costs and less manual processing
  • Reduced exposure to cost of lost items and increased accuracy of data
  • Full integration with hospital patient management and clinical management applications
  • Automated via pre & post operative integration with departmental application 'OrthoScope'

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