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The Tranzsoft Data Exchange Gateway (DEG) was a pioneer of electronic invoicing and now processes high volumes of E-Invoices in real time 24/7.

E-Invoicing saves businesses time and money by enabling faster delivery, processing and payment of invoices.

Electronic invoicing (E-Invoicing) is the direct exchange of an invoice data between a supplier’s and a buyer’s systems in an integrated, structured, machine readable, electronic format. Real time E-Invoicing delivers a critical path to digital Procure to Pay. Suppliers benefit through efficient and accurate billing processes, and buyers benefit through not having to manually process paper invoices or use expensive OCR / scanning options.

The Tranzsoft Data Exchange Gateway (DEG) has further expanded E-Invoicing services to include the NZBN OpenPEPPOL standards and processing options.

The New Zealand and Australian Governments have adopted the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) interoperability framework, to deliver e-Invoicing. PEPPOL is a global framework already used by 32 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

Tranzsoft is an OpenPEPPOL accredited Access Point and not only supports the OpenPEPPOL services but also handles many variations in formats that exist across different financial systems. A true ‘any to any’ and ‘many to many’ processing model and has a long experience in format conversion. Format options include the Tranzdoc software service which extracts data from PDF’s.

So don’t be phased or put off taking action! E-Invoicing is for everyone!

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