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Tranzsoft Data Exchange Technology:

What does it do?
Tranzsoft's key e-business technology translates, transmits and delivers any document between disparate ERPs, accounting systems, logistics systems, inventory systems and CRM systems. Documents commonly handled include purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, bills of lading and custom documents. This technology was often referred to as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

How does it do it?
The SaaS (Software as a Service) data exchange technology has the ability to translate or map between different document formats and other electronic gateways, VAN's (value added networks), or e-procurement portals, providing a seamless integration between different applications and messaging services.

The automated data exchange process can be over the internet or through other delivery networks and protocols. It can be between just two companies or between many, and flows through the Tranzsoft ASP Gateway. This technology also provides connectors and other integration tools for back office EAI requirements.

The Tranzsoft Gateway has a number of data translation options to make adoption of the service possible for small or large enterprises. This ensures that large organisations can engage electronically (with small suppliers and vice versa.  

How do users benefit?
Companies can benefit from substantial cost savings by lowering direct transaction costs and gaining an increase in staff productivity by automating and integrating manual transaction processes and eliminating manual intervention.

Other benefits:

  • Low integration cost (buy/subscribe versus build and total cost of ownership)
  • Ability to integrate legacy systems throughout an enterprise and with trading partners
  • Reduced number of hand-offs, data entry (re-entry of errors) and credit notes
  • Any company can benefit from utilising Tranzsoft 'EDI' technology
  • Scaleable - any to any and many to many translation rather than single 'point to point' partnerships
  • Tranzsoft can be installed as a "bolt-on" to other e-business applications
  • Savings are quantifiable (rapid return on investment)
  • Sustainability outcomes through reduction in paper and energy costs
  • Improved customer service and customer/supplier "lock-in"
  • Improved data accuracy and quality of information
  • Improved trading partner relationships
  • Improved supply chain performance
  • Improved speed to market

Benefits of Tranzsoft's gateway model:

  • The Tranzsoft gateway model allows users to instantly gain indirect access and connectivity to a much wider e-community of buyers, suppliers and potential partners
  • Instant and easy access to the gateway can help cement long term relationships between businesses
  • Users can split the cost of electronically sending or receiving documents at a pre-agreed rate (50/50, 30/70 etc) reflecting the relative advantages to each.

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