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FlowBiz Business Process Management:

What does it do?
With FlowBiz business process mapping and electronic workflow software you easily describe your business processes, or procedures, rapidly distribute them and then quickly apply automation of the processes including integrating existing applications to the process - seamlessly in one family of tools.

FlowBiz can be easily applied to a consolidated procurement solution, a back office solution, a forward facing customer portal, or an internal compliance system as well as many other applications. Unlike many application-to-application systems the FlowBiz family of tools and applications are designed as human technology that are user friendly and relate back to the often forgotten user.

How does it do it?
The FlowBiz system provides a platform for fast development and deployment of workflow modules. With many deployments across a range of market sectors – some of which are highlighted below including a list of some of the modules developed for each:

Financial Services and Membership Management
  • Income Protection Management
  • Claims Management
  • Contribution Management
  • Payments
  • Invoicing
  • Direct banking interfacing
  • Members:
    • Management and Maintenance
    • Activities
    • Financial transactions
    • Billing
  • Full merge for all correspondence (Letter, Email, SMS, Fax)
  • “Hands Off" Scanning for incoming correspondence Inbound and Outbound campaigns
  • Incoming SMS/Email/Fax integration
  • On-line Internet self help kiosks
  • PABX call centre interfacing
  • Accounts & Journals
  • Cheque reconciliation systems
  • Issues Management
Transport and Allied Industries
  • Vehicle Breakdown and response system
  • Vehicle Servicing system
  • Vehicle Management system
  • Track and Trace system (deliveries etc) LIVE! (Geocoding, Mapping etc)
  • Fatigue Management system
  • Fringe Benefits Tax system
  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Management
  • “In Vehicle" maps and communication
  • CANbus and diagnostics
  • Parts Management
  • Triage Management
  • Patient information Management
  • Mental health Risk Assessment
  • Incoming call recording
  • Auto clinician booking
  • Managed care paths
  • Multi information source Management
  • Claim administration
  • Regulatory Risk and Reporting system
  • Billing system
Utilities (Power, Gas, Phone etc) including Call Centre Management
  • Utilities Management and service ordering
  • Service application
  • Service Provisioning ordering and Management
  • Channel Partner Management
  • Loyalty and rewards program and Management
  • Accounting
  • Inbound and outbound campaign Management
  • Telephone Operator script system
  • Customer and supplier internet Management kiosk
  • Financial Services – (Refer to Financial Services and Membership list)
Help and Service Desk Automation
  • Internal Issue Management
  • Priority and Escalation Management
  • Group management
  • Resolution Management
  • Change Control Management
  • Control Assessment Reporting
  • Recurring Job Management
  • WIP summaries
  • Internet Web Kiosk Access
  • Bug Fixes and Enhancement Management
  • Auto Mailing (Email, SMS, Fax)
  • FAQ and Expert Knowledge Base
  • Tracking reports
  • Time Sheets and Project integration

General Features available across all systems

The following list is a sample of some of the functionality that can be added seamlessly to any solution.

  • Advanced Mapping
  • Advanced Scanning – XtraScan
  • Advanced web forms and data handling
  • Announcements
  • Audit and Review
  • Blogs and Discussions
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Contacts (CRM) including Appointments/Tasks/Outlook Integration
  • Document Editor For Procedure Templates
  • Document Library
  • Fundamental web forms and data handling
  • Issue Management and Service Desk
  • Knowledge Base
  • Milestones
  • Procedure design and hard copy procedure deployment
  • Process Mapping
  • Rules and Conditions Engine
  • Subscriptions
  • Time Sheets
  • Web Interface for procedure portal
  • Work Instructions
  • Workflow Automation – Computer / Automated workflows

How do users benefit?

  • Save time and demonstrate flexibility to market and customer needs – rapidly change business processes as technology, customer, government or competitive pressures dictate. Changes can be deployed and communicated immediately without lag time.
  • Save money by automating non value adding business activities such as completing standard forms, looking for information, carrying out routine decisions and transferring documents. Predetermine the routing, escalation and management of activities and tasks to employees to minimise delays and bottlenecks.
  • Add value by having a truly cross functional business process enabling you to leverage business over multiple systems, divisions, external stakeholders seamlessly. Extending legacy systems and orchestrating information between disparate systems adds immense value as the inherent knowledge of an organisation is combined into one system.

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