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Tranzsoft PDF Data Extraction

What does it do?
Tranzdoc is a quick, easy, accurate and cost effective way to start sending out electronic purchase orders or invoices. Users can immediately benefit from the cost savings of moving from paper based to electronic purchase order delivery as well as streamlining processes both internally and with suppliers.

How does it work?
Users have two options:

  • Simply extract a text based PDF from your current system – OR
  • Install the service on your own system as a printer on a Windows PC

The PDF purchase order or invoice is sent through the Tranzdoc portal where your data is extracted and translated into your trading partner's preferred data format, then delivered electronically.

How do users benefit?

  • Tranzdoc is simple to use and requires minimal set up
  • No need to update systems, works with any financial software program
  • Transmit in both PDF and XML
  • Reduces costs with elimination of manual and duplicate data entry while avoiding costly errors
  • Great uptake as it's so easy for customers and suppliers to adopt
  • Enjoy flexibility with a range of sending / receiving options with the Tranzdoc portal (Mail, fax, e-mail, or full XML integration)
  • Instantaneous, secure, auditable delivery
  • Improved delivery times with gained efficiencies in ordering and fulfilment
  • All documents archived accurately with date, timestamps and transmission record
  • Meets governance, legislative and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Sustainability outcomes through reduction in paper and energy costs

To find out more call Tranzsoft on +64 9 448 2075

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