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Health Sector

Tranzsoft Group has developed a set of solutions focused on the health sector.

  • Tranzsoft Health Exchange Gateway
  • LOCUS – Track & Trace Consignment Stock & Loan Equipment
  • Collaborative Procurement System

These customised solutions are based on many years of in-depth involvement and understanding of the challenges faced by the supply chain in this sector, and focus on:

  • Increasing supply chain efficiencies and visibility for Hospitals and other health service providers and for suppliers the sector relies on
  • Lowering the cost of doing business
  • Decreasing manual intervention and errors
  • Automation of procurement workflows
  • Providing a platform for collaboration within the health sector
  • Achieving sustainability outcomes through reduction in paper and energy costs
Tranzsoft Health Gateway
Tranzsoft's Health eBusiness gateway has been specifically designed to fulfil the eCommerce needs of New Zealand and Australian health suppliers and their customers. The Exchange provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for exchanging business transactions electronically between the respective organisations.
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LOCUS - Track & Trace Consignment Stock & Loan Equipment
LOCUS has been specially developed to meet the needs of the health sector. It combines the functionality of a web based inventory management system integrated with medical procedures for tracking and managing consignment stock and loan sets owned by suppliers in the care of hospitals.
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MAGELLAN RFID from Magellan Technology
Magellan's PJM RFID Implant Management System or PIMS solution incorporates software, developed in close cooperation with global implant companies, and Magellan’s industry tested PJM RFID readers and tags. It is the only complete system, designed from the ground up, to run your RFID enabled orthopaedic loan kit operations.

Magellan is the industry standard for RFID solutions for medical implant suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. It has successfully implemented PJM RFID technology for global orthopaedic implant companies since 2005.
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Collaborative Procurement System (SaaS)
Tranzsoft has a strategic partnership with eProcurement specialists Unimarket to deliver their collaborative procurement system. The system can also be deployed as a corporate procurements system integrated with existing financial systems.
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