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What does it do?
Tranzsoft's Health Gateway has been specifically designed to fulfil the eCommerce needs of New Zealand and Australian health suppliers and their customers. The Gateway provides an efficient, cost-effective solution for exchanging business transactions electronically between the respective organisations.

It incorporates industry standard eCommerce software and infrastructure providing clients with a secure and reliable store and forward messaging capability. The model has been developed to function in an open trading environment typically comprising purchasers, suppliers and wholesalers in strategic vertical supply chain communities.

How does it work?
The Tranzsoft Health Gateway is hosted in a secure data centre, and all components (Web Server, Mailbox system, Message Switch, Management Data) reside behind an industrial strength Firewall. Access to a client's Mailbox and the Document Management System is via a secure login and password. The Tranzsoft Gateway and the Tranzsoft Health Gateway are widely used by New Zealand and Australian Hospitals and suppliers.

The Tranzsoft Health Gateway is also interfaced with the LOCUS WMS and Magellan RFID to allow both Hospitals and Suppliers to accurately manage their Consignment Stock and Loan Equipment.

How do users benefit?
  • Trade with anyone - trading through the Gateway means that your organisation is software application independent.
  • Communicate in the way that suits your organisation - the Gateway supports all forms of communications methods including FTP, SMTP (email), VAN (Value Added Network), https, VPN, AS2, external network interconnects, and modem dial-ups.
  • No need to change formats to suit others - the Gateway allows you to send and receive trade information in an electronic format that is independent of your partner's format.
  • Always have a precise audit trail – the Gateway tracks and records each transaction meticulously. Any incomplete transactions are detected and reported with fully descriptive archives available for auditing. Reports are generated regularly and include all vital trade information for tracking and billing.
  • Enjoy reduced complexity – organisations are spared the complexity of integrating and translating trade information. Business applications or processes can be upgraded with minimal effort and little or no disruption to trade. The business processes involved with trading are automated and simplified to increase accuracy, reduce data entry and eliminate re-keying of information, resulting in a more cost effective process.
  • Full control and security - the Gateway provides organisations with full control over the type and accessibility of data shared with individual trading partners. Organisations maintain ownership of their data and decide what information is shared with trading partners.
  • Trade when it suits you - using the Gateway organisations are able to send and receive trade documents at any time. Through the store and forward function, trade documents are held in a central repository awaiting retrieval by the receiving application. Files can be transported using your preferred communication method in real time or batched for periodic sending and receiving.
  • Extended visibility - document tracking enables clients to search for documents by document number, partner, date, document type and status. The document status indicates whether a trading partner has received that document.
  • Unprecedented accuracy and timeliness of trade information - gain greater visibility of both inbound and outbound stock, inventory and production level requirements.
  • Visibility and management of Consignment Stock and Loan Equipment

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