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Tranzsoft Data Exchange Technology:

Tranzsoft's key e-business technology translates, transmits and delivers any document / data file between disparate ERPs, accounting systems, logistics systems, inventory systems and CRM systems. Documents commonly handled include purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, bills of lading and custom documents. his technology was often referred to as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Data Exchange Gateway (DEG)

The DEG solution provides a hosted and managed document exchange. With an ‘any to any’ / ‘many to many’ data file format capability, the translation focus is to standardise the format and focus on data manipulation and delivery.

This service includes:

  • Implementation and configuration
  • Communication with the document exchange
  • Document translation to industry standard and proprietary formats
  • Document exception reporting
  • Document auditing and archiving
  • Project Management with roll-out
  • Standard support services
  • Client integration services
  • Customer-specific document translation services (hosted or customer-based)
  • Machine Learning and AI - translate data / data matching ie convert Product Descriptions to SKU’s

The DEG can translate any structured document and typically includes as a minimum:

  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice
  • E-Invoicing Access Point (NZBN / PEPPOL)
  • Advanced Shipment Note
  • Advanced Shipment and Billing Notice
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Memo
  • Remittance Advice
  • Product / Price Catalogue
  • Work orders
  • Work Order Updates
  • Production Orders (IoT)

For the document types listed above, any structured format can be translated, including all standard formats such as:

  • XML formats
  • EDI industry formats (EDIFACT, X12 etc)
  • Industry flat file formats
  • Client proprietary formats
  • Web presentation

The solution is Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) rather than a client/server model. Access protocols such as HTTPS (SSL), sFTP, FTP, AS4 and SMTP (email) are all available as is VPN and many other options.

Other options are available for communicating via the internet. The API (Application Programming Interface) is the most suitable for complex environments where fully integrated control of the transfer is required. The Data Portal browser interface is best suited to an SME (Small Medium Enterprise) where no systems integration is available

Supply Chain Server

Supply Chain Server

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